Birth of a Midwife

To me, Midwifery has been like raising a child. At times, it demands all of your attention, its totally inconvenient and can be challenging to manage. It keeps you up at night and lets you get very little sleep. It’s got a life of it’s own and you’ve just got to be willing to get on that train and ride it!  It’s unpredictable! It makes you have to think on your feet and manage ever changing events unfolding right before your eyes.  You must constantly choose whether to wait or step in. You hold the space for precious life with your hands, your heart, your wisdom, your spirit, your entire being. Your life becomes inseparable from its life.  You are born again with every birth experience.

It's a symbiosis.

I’ve walked with this child, many long years already..I received my “calling” at a time in my life when my now 18 year-old daughter (my third child) was sitting on my knee, as a wee babe of six months old.  It has taken all these years, all of the myriad of experiences I’ve had as a mother,  lactation consultant and birthworker to bring me to this point.  This is my last year of schooling on my midwifery journey, and now, I am excited to announce that I have stepped into the role as Primary Student Midwife under Supervision.  

What does that mean, you might ask? Well it means that I am still a student, however, one in my last stages of training.  I can work more closely with my preceptors in your care during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  As a Student, I am always assisted and supervised by one of my amazing preceptors (teachers) both of whom are Licensed Midwives with many years of experience.  

This important last step in our clinical trainings is a necessary one for all students of birth.  It’s such a gift when a family allows a trainee, however knowledgeable, to participate in the process of their families birth experience.

As midwives and students, we tend to work in partnerships. My preceptors and I have already had many years of working together. In collaboration we enjoy witnessing and supporting births and families together!

If you are interested in learning more about midwifery care with the wonderful midwives that I work with, please contact them through their website or email.

Heather Schwarz, LM, CPM
Birthing Spirit Midwifery

Aleksandra Evangueldi, LM CPM


Photos by: Rebecca Coursey