Childbirth Refresher Course


Childbirth Refresher Course


Join Kimberly Durdin, IBCLC, for her uniquely focused intensive childbirth class refresher for expecting families who have experienced childbirth previously. Her childbirth class is an comprehensive overview of “what to expect when giving birth”. Kimberly has been teaching birthing families for over 16 years and has designed this class especially for those wanting a natural birth where ever birth may occur (home, hospital or birthing center)

Topics include:
• Understanding the signs and stages of labor
• Pain coping strategies and techniques
• Partner support in labor
• Optimal fetal positioning to improve labor progress • Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy
• Finding your tribe and creating community • Managing pregnancy discomforts • Complications/cesarean birth for home birth families
• Having a healthy postpartum period/breastfeeding information

9-12:30pm  $125/couple

Interested in learning about how to balance the needs of your older child and new baby? Take a look at the Expanding Families Workshop, offered on the same day in the afternoon.

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