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Expanding Families Workshop


Expanding Families-Mama Wisdom for Welcoming a New Child and Strategies for Helping Older Children Cope


Parenting Guru and Mommy Gretchen Goddard teaches this fun, insightful and practical workshop.  She uses mindfulness and discussion to bring voice to the concerns and questions about welcoming a new child into your family. 

Some themes for discussion will be:
- How will the demands of mothering intensify while pregnant with a new child and how does self-care happen?

-How will adding a child affect your partnership and relationship with your older child or children? 
-How will I love a new child as much as I love my first? 
-What are some strategies and "wise woman" advice that can help you manage through these new transitions so needed in order to expand our family?
-How can I prepare my body and mind?
-How do I engage the support of my partner and others?

 Join Gretchen for an enlightening and empowering workshop!

Gretchen Goddard, CIMI, CCBE, AHPE is certified to teach the Attachment Parenting thru Attachment Parenting International. Gretchen is also a Parent Coach, Certified Infant Massage Instructor, Childbirth Educator, Co-founder of The Sanctuary New Family Foundation and most importantly, the mother of three. Formally, the Director of The Sanctuary Birth & Family Wellness Center, Gretchen has been educating parents the past 8 years. All of her work with families is an extension of her passion and motivation to make a difference in the realm of infant care and the parent-child relationship.

List of classes & workshops that I teach/lead:

Infant Massage

Baby Care

Attachment Parenting

Childbirth Education

Expanding Families

Sibling Preparation

Safe Sleep

Transitioning to Solids

Positive Discipline
Space is Limited so sign up now to reserve your space.

Cost is $125 for couples 


Contact Gretchen Goddard at 917-721-8969

for more questions about this class.

Address will be given upon sign up. Location in the West Side of LA.




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