Placenta Encapsulation by Yhanni


Placenta Encapsulation by Yhanni

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My beautiful daughter, Yhanni, became interested in learning the art of placenta encapsulation shortly after the homebirth of her son, Judah.  She was taught this art by Los Angeles based midwife, Allegra Hill, who loving passed down the knowledge of preparing placentas for postpartum families. Yhanni, who is also a jewelry designer, adds the special touch of a handmade beaded bracelet, encircling the precious (dried) umbilical cord, lovingly shaped into a heart, one of Yhanni's signature symbols.

Placenta Pills aid:

  • mood/balance hormones
  • energy level
  • milk supply
  • recovery time
  • “baby blues”
  • iron levels 

They can also ease the symptoms of menopause, help your little one through colds or big transitions and even help your daughter with the hormonal changes of her first period. So save a few! (There is also a tincture that can be prepared to ensure a longer supply.)

On average one placenta births 100 pills and it takes about 48 hours for dehydration and encapsulation. (Creating a tincture takes six weeks.)

Hospital Births
Make your doctor aware that you would like to keep your placenta during your prenatal visits.  It’s also good to include this in your birth plan.  Pack a cooler (the one use styrofoam ones are fine as well) with your items that will accompany you to the hospital.  Most hospitals will not release the placenta unless you have something to keep it cool in.

Home Births
Stick your placenta in the fridge!

Once you have your pills take them like you do vitamins: Two twice a day for the first two weeks and 2-3 once daily thereafter. (Feel free to take an extra one if you’re in need of a pick-me-up.)

Price: $240 for pills $270 pills + tincture. This includes pick up and drop off.

About Yhanni: Mother. Partner. Daughter. Sister. Friend. & Placenta Encapsulator! Birth and Baby work runs in the family. Once I was taught how to encapsulate my first placenta it seemed natural like I was doing exactly as I should be. I am the mother of one and the eldest sibling of six. Needless to say I look forward to encapsulating the placentas of my future nieces and nephews.

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