Kim is amazing!! What would childbirth be without Kim? She is so loving, supportive and informative. If she doesn't know what's going on with your body she figures it out. She is a sea of knowledge. Kim will always hold a very special place in our family's hearts. We will not be having our babies without her there. She taught us so much at our birth classes , she was my loving and caring doula, she was our lactation consultant, she is our FRIEND, SHE IS OUR FAMILY

~ Desiree B.



bekah bryant.jpg


Kim saved us. We struggled so much with breastfeeding due to a breast reduction and she always answered my texts and phone calls. She even met with me after she worked all day at the sanctuary. And brought us donor milk from another mama. She gave us so much love and resources to help our journey. We breastfed for 16 months and there's no doubt it was thanks to her. She also led the moms group I was in and that was such a blessing.

~ Bekah B.

nicole civita.jpg

Kim is wise, gentle, respectful, encouraging, and empowering. She listens to parents, observes babies, and offers adroit advice based on her years of training, consulting, educating, mothering, grand mothering and nursing. Finding her before birthing my first child was one of the greatest strokes of fortune in my life. She demystified the art breastfeeding and helped me move from being interested in but completely lost about how to feed my baby from my own body to a confident nursing mama who is still tandem nursing my almost one year old and 2.5 year old - through pregnancies, c-section recoveries, tongue ties, mastitis, etc. Kim has been an amazing resource through it all.

~ Nicole C.

Happy Mom happy baby.jpg

Happy Mom, Happy Baby! ~ Makeda B.

Kim is one of those individuals who walks into a room and lights it up. She is a caring and compassionate individual who through her own experience and wisdom empowers, motivates, families to do things they did not think were possible. I met Kim while going through a child birth class where she not only educated us she helped us work through individual fears. My birth was not a planned hospital birth but do to many complications we ended up there with a little one who was 6 weeks early and not much help with breastfeeding. We had decided that was so important to us. Kim came to our rescue, she saw us at home in the comforts of my bedroom and has since continued to support us both mentally and physically through our journey. We are 14 m and going strong. Thank you Kim for helping me become the mommy I am!
~ Jennifer A.

Kim radiates love and wisdom. My husband and I are so grateful that we had her support before and after our daughter was born. She graced me with her calm support during my labor, she provided her wisdom and compassion when I was struggling to nurse my daughter, her spirit uplifted me when I felt overwhelmed, and she continues to show up as my joyful friend. She is a phenomenal woman and a real blessing to the birthing community. 
~ Judy K.

Kimberly is a old soul. She comforted me in a time of pure struggle and heartache after my baby was born and stuck in the NICU. Her wisdom helped me through that tough time. Stress and trauma could have stopped my milk flow but she helped keep the liquid gold flowing. Even once he got home and rejected my breast her wisdom, knowledge and encouragement woman to woman guidance help me get my lil big to breastfeed. Nine months old and still breastfed. Thank you Kim!!
~ Heidi U.

Kim is one of the most special people we met on our birth journey! I looked forward to each birth class- she is such a beautiful soul, and her smile just brightens up the room. And she is my breast feeding guru! From the moment she reassured me as I held my baby at 2 days old, providing support while I sought nursing/traveling/pumping questions and everything in between, she has been so amazing. I am honored to have known Kim, and she will forever be a part of our birth story. ❤️
~ Su A.

Kim is an incredibly gifted and knowledgeable lactation consultant and birth educator. She helped me overcome initial nursing struggles and establish exclusive breastfeeding with my first two children, and she's on speed dial for when the next one arrives!
~ Kim S.

There are not enough compliments in the English language for Kim Durdin- she is a loving, wise, powerful woman who gives women and families faith in their own strength and capabilities as they become parents. She has so much knowledge, but never intimidates; she listens honestly, has incredible empathy and a welcome sense of humor; she connects naturally and deeply and makes every woman and baby she works with feel so special. This is actually one of the hardest reviews I've ever written because when I try to put into words how amzing she is, how much she's meant to me as a mother, and how much I wish that every new mother feels the joy of such loving support, I just break down in tears. She is an angel.
~ Angie V.